WeChat is a messaging and social networking application that allows millions of subscribers to stay in touch with loved ones around the world. Often compared to WhatsApp and Viber, the application is not only a useful discussion tool, but also a social network including a dating service and payment.

WeChat, a global social network

WeChat is an application for chatting to two or in groups (up to 500 members), making phone calls or videos and sending short messages. This application of Chinese Internet giant Tencent has become a versatile platform for virtually every situation in life. WeChat has 980 million active users, making it the most used application in the country. But the objectives of these creators do not stop there, since since the application could conquer the whole world and now exceeds one billion users.

The features you can use in the WeChat conversation window are especially useful for communicating with people from a variety of backgrounds. Thus, the application has an excellent translation function and provides you with typical sentences of communication in different languages. This is why the app is especially useful for foreign tourists in China as Whatsapp is banned in the Middle Kingdom. In addition, whether it's shopping, travel bookings, restaurants, taxi calls or bike rentals, WeChat is at the heart of China's commerce by facilitating mobile purchases paid via a smartphone. WeChat is available on Microsoft Store for Windows 10.

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