NaturaList is a mobile application developed by Biolovision Ltd. It is available on the App Store (for iOS mobiles and tablets) and Google Play Store (for Android mobiles and tablets) but not on Windows PC.

An observation tool for biodiversity

The NaturaList app allows users to discover and record the flora and fauna around them. You can note down all the species you observe, directly on the application, and have access to the observations entered by other users. Geolocation allows you to obtain precise maps, with real-time information. NaturaList thus becomes a large database concerning local nature.

All species are listed and can be easily found in lists, and a dictionary with species names is available in all languages. You can also send photos or sound recordings to the community (in case of doubt, or simply to share your findings). Finally, Naturalist allows users to group and synchronize all their reports with other international naturalist databases. It is therefore part of a real approach to the census and preservation of species in our environment.

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