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YouTube Kids

Created in 2014, the YouTube Kids app is for only children with content carefully selected for them. It also works well on Android that iOS and is available in French since November 21, 2016. She essentially offers educational videos to help guide children and reassure their parents.

What does YouTube kid?

YouTube Kids is a separate application for smartphones and tablets, which gives access to a subset of the videos available on the main site. The kids Youtube app was created to establish a platform without violent scenes, without too complex or contained themes of a sexual nature. To do this, the platform offers videos are classified into four categories: programming, music, Education and discovery. The application has a timer of time of viewing and a parameter limiting the amount of videos available on a given period. It is also designed to prevent the publication of video from the operator terminal. In addition, the reviews available on the parent application area is not in Youtube kids.

Over time, Google began to limit video recommendations of application videos channels verified by YouTube Kid team. He also put in some parameters allowing the parents to turn off the search function in the application. The US giant plans to launch soon profiles connected to YouTube Kids in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, to allow parents to create individual profiles for each of their children on the devices they control.

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