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Nowadays, storage space is even more useful for users. Indeed, it is important to have enough memory, whether for mobiles or computers, to manage our data. This way, we can easily back up our files and recover them when needed. Offering an efficient solution for data storage, SFR cloud is ideal for your devices. What are the main features that this application offers us?

Presentation of SFR Cloud

SFR cloud is the alternative in terms of memory expansion of your devices (PC or mobile). With this application, you have 1,000 GB to store almost all your data. In figures, this translates into about 100 hours of videos and 50,000 photos, not to mention music, contacts, etc. In order to optimize the functioning of your smartphone, you can set SFR cloud as your automatic backup center, the device will be less saturated.

To ensure full protection of your data, all files are redirected to secure datacenter. There is no need to worry about confidentiality since the application relies on a powerful encryption system. All you have to do is download SFR cloud to benefit from all the features it offers. Its use remains simple and ergonomic to offer a better experience for consumers.

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