Duolingo is aimed at those who wish to learn or progress in a language. The application can be downloaded from a smartphone (on Android or iOS), or accessed directly from a browser on a Windows PC.

Learning while having fun

Duolingo (created by the company of the same name) stands out from its competitors with its playful aspect and minimalist interface. The user is first invited to choose the course (understand the language) that interests him. A quick questionnaire is then used to determine their expectations. Two modes are available. The first, called Learn, covers the basics with sentences to reconstruct and word pairs to associate. A good introduction to the subject. As for the second mode, Stories, it corresponds to situations that could be encountered in everyday life. Note that you have to finish the written version, but also the oral one, to unlock the associated success.

Still in the spirit of the game, it is possible to take up challenges to win additional rewards. Simple and original, a mini-championship measures your progress against that of various randomly chosen users. For the most motivated, it is possible to register for several courses. Complete and easy to use, Duolingo keeps all its promises, namely learning while having fun.

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Duolingo has already been published Duolingo on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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