Monument Valley

If there is a field where the offer does not cease growing, as well in quantity as in quality, it is well that of the applications, the games for mobile devices (Android, IPhone, Mac, Pc Windows, tablet). This industry is currently booming and often offers us sensational. Monument Valley is one of these sensations.

Monument Valley: All about a bluffing game

This game is anything but common. The worlds in which the plot takes place are the first curiosity that will fascinate you. Step by step, you will lead Princess Ida towards her destiny, through places and buildings with surreal architecture. Your role will be to manipulate these monumental buildings designed as puzzles, to reveal secret paths, to overcome optical illusions and, when necessary, to thwart the enigmas of the crow people. The visuals proposed by the designers of this game are mainly inspired by 3D design coupled with minimalist style. But that's not all, the monuments that you will walk through during your adventure are the result of a thorough modeling work, the basis of which is an array of the most majestic palaces and temples of the world.

In short, the rendering is just beautiful. Moreover, it is ultra easy to play Monument Valley: the maneuvers to perform are done by simply dragging or turning your finger. Finally, the sound ambiance is amazing. Equipped with headphones, you will enter a fantastic world. You will be able to download the game on all your mobile devices, whether it is an iPad tablet, an Android or an iPhone. Unfortunately, this game is not yet compatible with Windows PCs.

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