Magic Plan is an application that allows you to create camera shots in a fast and fun way. It is a platform that extends the possibilities of using the camera of your smartphone for construction and renovation needs.

MagicPlan helps you create perfect floor plans

Magic Plan is an application that allows you to have a copy of your floor plans in your pocket at all times. Concretely, it uses your phone's camera to measure the dimensions of each room, which means you can measure your entire house in minutes, instead of spending a few hours fighting with a tape measure. This feature is ideal for builders, insurance adjusters and renovation contractors who want to collect measurements with fine accuracy. Magicplan is also useful for Airbnb hosts, investment rental property managers and general property management. In short, the application is suitable for all professionals who do a lot of estimating, costing and renovation work. To use it, all you have to do is walk through any space to create an accurate floor plan in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, with the Magic Plan floor plan in Floorplanner, you can create beautiful 3D views and exports. These can be useful for marketing campaigns, online or in printed details. You can also download a PDF of your plans. The free version is watermarked, but does not interfere with the reading of the plans or dimensions.

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