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PlayStation App

With PS4, you can take PlayStation experience, wherever you go, with you. Download the PlayStation app, and check your colleagues who are online, text your gamer friends, and register for a tournament, and many more.

PlayStation Account
After downloading this application, you need to log in on your account in order to connect to its network, as well as access online features of the PS4 system. Using an avatar, customize your PlayStation account. You can consider changing the color scheme and background image of your profile or even create a unique customized dashboard theme. If you do not have a personal account, create one on the PlayStation website.

Always in Control
PlayStation has a quick menu that allows you to access important settings. PlayStation app allows you to manage the personal account settings, customize your parental settings, update PSN profile information.

It is Up-to-date
With the development of technology, improvements cannot be avoided; there are new and existing things. If you download and install PS4, you will get the most recent PlayStation news, as well as game release on the PlayStation website. Moreover, you will see friend requests, game invites, and get to know who is online. On the PlayStation platform, you will get notification, check schedules, register for game tournaments, and text gamer friends.

You want PlayStation App on Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, tablet) ? Act !

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