FreeStyle LibreLink

FreeStyle LibreLink is an application that allows you to check your blood glucose level at any time. It is simple to use and effective. To take full advantage of it, it must be connected with a FreeStyle Libre sensor. Before getting the glucose results, you must place the sensor behind your arm. Afterwards, you have to open the application and bring your phone near the sensor to scan it.

The main functions of FreeStyle LibreLink

By using FreeStyle LibreLink, you can know if your glossy rate to increase or decrease, thanks to the trend arrow. To have more details about all the tests you have done in the last eight hours, you can consult the history. In this section, these results are displayed as a curve. This way, the evolution of your tests will be clear and detailed. From this information, you can improve your eating habits, the type of exercise you need to do, and the amount of insulin you need to take. FreeStyle LibreLink also allows you to share your blood glucose test results with your doctor and family. It is also possible to follow at any time the glucose level of your diabetic relative with the FreeStyle LibreLink Up application.

To install FreeStyle LibreLink, you can download it from the Google Play store or App Store. It can be used on a phone running an iOS or Android system. You can also download the FreeStyle LibreLink software on your PC running Windows or Mac.

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