Geometry Dash

With several million downloads to its credit, Geometry Dash is making its mark on the game. At the origin of this success is the developer Robtop Games, who launched the platform game in 2013. It features the same "die and retry" operation of classic runner games, this time in a side-scrolling mode with 2D graphics.

Geometry Dash: Move with the flow

Games, whether on mobile or Windows PC, are always changing. Geometry Dash is no exception, and its gameplay is as exciting as it is original. The player is transported into a world with a geometric and colorful visual where he will have to control a cube and avoid that it runs into obstacles. A musical background will guide the player who will have to coordinate his jumps to the sound variations. But getting through the levels is not as easy as it seems: you will have to collect the three pieces scattered in each world to move on to the next.

With a large musical repertoire composed in partnership with Newgrounds, the application guarantees a rhythmic adventure for players! Memory, reflexes and agility will be required to reach the end of the journey. To this end, a training mode has been provided, giving players the opportunity to practice beforehand. Several surprises will be unlocked as the game progresses, so don't forget to download Geometry Dash to avoid missing any!

You want to download Geometry Dash on Windows 10 ? Good news !

RobTop Games has already been published Geometry Dash on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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