Axis Direct

Axis Direct is a downloadable application that keeps you up-to-date with market conditions. It is designed to meet your investment needs. A subsidiary of Axis Bank, its parent company is based in India. The Axis Direct platform is also accessible on PC or MAC via Windows.

Axis Direct products and services

An online investment account is offered to you as a set of Axis Bank savings and dematerialized accounts, in addition to an Axis Direct trading account. With Axis Direct, it's easy to invest online in listed companies, mutual funds including equity funds, tax savings plans or borrowing plans of asset management companies.

You have an SPs system that automates your investments, the IPOS which is dedicated to IPO investments and the ITF which is used instead for investments in exchange traded funds. You can speculate on derivatives by looking at rising prices, different options and contract terms. It is possible to invest on fixed income generated by bonds and certificates of deposit.

You have the advantage of receiving proposals for investment and business ideas, benefiting from financial calculators and tools, tax solutions, robots and estate planning advisors. You can also invest in ingots, metals, energy and agricultural commodities by taking advantage of the bank's membership in NCDEX.

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