Bíblia Sagrada

Biblia Sagrada is the Portuguese version of the Bible. Revised by Almeida Corrigida, this Bible is a popular translation. Working completely offline, this easy to download application takes you away from the use of classic Bible books and into a new world where being part of the holy Christian family is within reach for everyone.

Biblia Sagrada, the holy bible within everyone's reach

This Bible application allows you to add bookmarks to your Bible, share, enlarge or reduce the size of the font. It has also been designed to allow you to bookmark your favorite verses and remember where you last left off reading. You can choose which verses you want to bookmark. You can also delete and share them as you wish. L

he other special feature of Biblia Sagrada is that it has also been designed to simplify reading. You will find options for customising the font size, so that you can increase and decrease the size of the text as you wish. If you don't want the screen to turn off while you're reading, there's a feature that keeps the screen on. Rest assured that all the books of the Holy Bible have been included in the Biblia Sagrada, as well as all the verses. You will not find any annoying or obstructive advertisements.

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