Published by Livingroom Workbench, OctoPrint is a system that allows you to view and manage your 3D printer remotely. Easy to download, the utility is available for Android and iOS, but does not have a version for Windows PC.

OctoPrint, your 3D printer at your fingertips

OctoPrint is a 3D printing software solution that allows you to create 3D designs, queue items for printing, track projects and manage workflows. This 3D printing tool is ideal for designers, manufacturers, businesses and universities. It includes several useful add-ons for saving and trimming files sent to the printer, as well as timelapse capabilities. The app allows you to control and monitor all aspects of your 3D printer, as well as your print jobs directly from your smartphone interface.

The system's web interface is both simple and comprehensive, and can be adapted to all your 3D printers. You can also set up prints to start even if you're away, allowing you to be more productive. With the webcam, you can see if there are any defects and cancel a print to avoid waste. In other words, you can access the built-in webcam feed and remotely watch how your printer creates your latest creation. You can also start, stop or simply pause your current print job. You're in complete control at all times.

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