Screen Stream Mirroring Pro

To bring presentations to life, energize training sessions or share your pro-gaming skills, simply from your phone, Screen Stream Mirroring Pro is the ideal application to download.

The app to download to stream to your PC from your smartphone

No more boring business meetings and presentations, with Screen Stream Mirroring, developing your creativity and broadcasting it from your phone or PC has never been easier. Live streaming is now available on the most popular platforms such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming. A real streaming opportunity for all gamers who dream of sharing their prowess.

Developed by MOBZAPP, Screen Stream Mirroring Pro is only available for Android, a Windows PC, Mac or Linux. The app is paid and costs €5.99. Before downloading it, make sure it is compatible with your device by starting with the free version. With Screen Stream Mirroring, your smartphone screen is streamed live to your PC, tablet or any other digital device on your local network. Transmission is via a media player, web browser, Chromecast or any UPnP/DNLA enabled device such as SmartTVs. Screen recordings to video files are also possible.

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