Royal Match

If you are looking for a game for your children to enjoy or if you need to get away from your daily routine, we recommend you try the Royal Match game from Dream Games Ltd. A free game that combines satisfaction, fun and relaxation.

A sensational puzzle game

Royal Match is an exciting adventure game. The principle of the game is to help King Robert decorate his castle. For this mission, you have to drag the colors and solve challenging and fun puzzles. In between epic levels, you can visit the king's residence, his royal chambers, and his lush gardens. By decorating the castle's interior with elegance and style, you can unlock and use powerful boosts and collect treasures and coins in bonus levels. Each episode offers surprising tasks, with unique coins and prizes.

The experience the game offers is unique, whether you are a beginner or an expert. The settings involve several locations like bedrooms, kitchen, garage, garden and more. During your mission, you have to watch out for different obstacles such as safes, crates, diamonds or the mysterious letter box. By avoiding these obstacles, you can get bonuses and upgrades to complete the more difficult levels.

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