Kinoni Remote Desktop

Kinoni is an independent software company based in Oulu, Finland. The Kinoni Remote Desktop app is a quick and easy remote control for your PC. Fast, it offers up to 60 frames per second video and allows you to watch movies and play games perfectly smooth. At the same time, Kinoni Remote Desktop offers you the functions of:

  • Native resolution support: full resolution display to see every detail in a crystal-clear way;
  • Easy installation: after a simple one-time setup, your computer is accessible from anywhere;
  • Enterprise-grade security: protects your session and data with SSL encryption;
  • Automatic detection: use a Google account to access your computer anywhere using the 3G / 4G network;
  • Usability improvements such as kinetic scrolling and scroll bars make desktop navigation easier and faster.

The Kinoni Remote Desktop application is compatible with all applications on your PC. Use Office applications, access the full desktop browser with Flash and Java support. Finally, it allows you to watch movies from Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, DVD and Windows Media Player.

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