WordReference is a powerful tool and a true web reference in the field of languages and translation. Its particularity, which also makes it famous, is its discussion forum, which often connects native speakers with language students or teachers from all over the world, and which allows translating or even explaining formulations and expressions that can be complex.

WordReference, more than just words

Launched in 1999 by Michael Kellog in the United States, WordReference is a dictionary available in a large number of languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic. Recently, Swedish, Dutch and Catalan have also been added to the list of languages used on the website. Conjugators are also available in four languages: English, Spanish, Italian and French. Similar to a search engine, WordReference suggests typing the word you want to translate in the indicated bar. Its results show the different translations, including the main one, as well as an audio version to get familiar with the pronunciation.

WordReference also has a paid version in which more translations are available. These are the Oxford Unabridged and Oxford Concise dictionaries. The annual subscription fee is $100 (in the US) or £100 (for the rest of the world). Note: WordReference is one of the 500 most visited websites in the world!

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