Mercado Pago

The constant progress of digital technology is making the life of consumers easier and easier. Many online payment services, including Mercado Pago, are being created with this in mind. The application was developed by the Mercado Libre group, an e-commerce platform operating in Latin America, with the initial goal of facilitating payments on the site. Since then, it has quickly risen to the top in the FinTech sector.

How does Mercado Pago work?

Being a money transaction system, Mercado Pago works not only on the Mercado Libre platform, but also on a variety of other digital and e-commerce platforms. It allows you to make and receive payments online. Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and Colombia are the countries where the application works. The options offered by Mercado Pago are bill payment, phone credit recharging, bank transfers, municipal tax payment and financial management.

To create an account, simply download the app from the official website or Google Play. It does not yet exist in a Windows version for PC, but Android and iOS versions are available. Once the download is complete, fill in your personal information and link the account to your bank account. Payment is made by scanning QR codes or barcodes, accompanied by a confirmation from the account holder. Payment with payment links and account-to-account transfers are also options.

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