UKG Workforce Central (Kronos)

Workforce Central, developed by Kronos Incorporated, is designed to simplify all of your business needs by providing your employees with fast and secure access to the PC terminal of its parent application of the same name.

Workforce Central, to better organize your employees' work

The objective of Workforce Central is to offer your employees a quick and easy solution for managing and organizing their work time. With this solution, your employees can clock in and out when they arrive at work, check their schedules, time off, benefits and salary. Managers can handle exceptions as they occur, ensuring the company is running smoothly, taking action on time-off requests, and meeting other critical needs of all employees. This makes Workforce Central a smart and reliable tool, especially in the field of human resources.

Workforce Central can be downloaded from tablets and smartphones and is compatible for use on both platforms. Both of these alternatives also work offline, allowing you to use them in the best possible way at any time. Don't worry about whether or not you are able to connect to the data. Your data will be switched when you come back online.

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