SuperLive Plus

SuperLive Plus is a program for remote management and monitoring of the IP camera installed in a building. This interface, designed by Peng Antai, is an excellent system because it offers you various functionalities that are powerful, reliable and adapted to your daily needs.

Software Features

SuperLive Plus for PC has a multitude of comprehensive functions. This interface allows you to record videos on your terminal. This gives you the opportunity to view these digital videos at a later, convenient time. This software, which is compatible on Windows thanks to an emulator, has the advantage of accessing a set of cameras. It also allows you to instantly detect movement and spot suspicious activity. From then on, you will be alerted immediately through your terminal. This will allow you to take precautions and take the necessary measures. One of the advantages of SuperLive Plus also includes the feature that gives you the ability to manually trigger the voice alarm.

With several easy-to-use and convenient features, you can download the SuperLive Plus software for free to take full advantage of it. In addition, this program is known for its stability, performance and intuitiveness. Thanks to this application, you have a remarkable device at your fingertips to alleviate your concerns about the security of your property.

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