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Amazon Shopping

The Amazon Shopping application is a tool for fast and convenient shopping. Shopping at retail giant Amazon doesn't work any more comfortably than with the official application.

Shop more easily with Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping is the mother of all Amazon mobile applications, and it's packed with products and high traffic volumes. If your products are on the Amazon shopping site, they're also on the mobile browser and application. With the Amazon Shopping app, you can search for products wherever you are, shop, read reviews, and compare prices. After registering, you'll have full access to your shopping cart, wish list, payment and shipping options, order history and settings in just a few clicks. Shopping on Amazon has never been easier with Amazon Shopping. The application features a barcode scanner function. So you can simply scan the barcode of a product and the app will then list the corresponding Amazon offers.

Other benefits of using Amazon Shopping include using your phone's camera to identify an item found in the store, using the Alexa Voice Wizard to do your shopping, receiving notifications about the exact location of your items and when they will be delivered, using a dedicated messaging system to chat with Amazon customer service...

You want Amazon Shopping on Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, tablet) ? Act !

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