Rummikub is a free online game application, derived from the board game of the same name. The original version is one of the most popular family games worldwide. Developed by Kinkajoo Ltd, an independent company based in Israel, this application combines strategy, luck and competition to win the most points and gold coins and be declared champion.

How to play Rummikub?

The goal of the Rummikub game remains the same as in the original board game. The goal is to form combinations that are spread out on the board and to get rid of the tiles on your rack as quickly as possible. The different combinations can be suites of the same color, of brelans or of squares of the same value and different colors.

To play online on your PC, you can download the app to your tablet or Android or iOS smartphone. Then you just need to create a nickname and start a new game. You will be able to play solo against the computer, in multiplayer or competitive multiplayer. Simple and addictive, Rummikub is suitable for everyone. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, you'll have a great time!

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