Johnny Trigger

Johnny Trigger is a platform game from SayGames. It includes easy and intuitive shooting action scenes, but still requires a sharp eye and a quick trigger finger. This is a free game with an attractive graphic where you can easily navigate.

Do you have what it takes to capsize the mafia world? This is what the world of Johnny Trigger invites you to do. The title stars Johnny, a detente straight out of the James Bond series. The game reaches this ideal point which is essential to gain traction on mobile, easy to take in hand, but difficult to master. You will guide Johnny Trigger through a series of levels as he performs jumps, flips, and headshots as you seek to defeat the Mafia. The Johnny Trigger game gives you the weapons to defeat your enemies. You can for example freeze or burn them in a crisp, eliminate them with super pistols with increased power. The game also includes:

  • A wide choice of ultimate outfits to become the hero that Johnny is supposed to be;
  • Secret missions to rub shoulders with adventure in a New world;
  • Dice boards to play daily and receive the grand prize each week;
  • Constant challenges that allow you to reach tons of new levels.
  • A New World of surprise where all the events planned in the game take place.

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