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Facebook Messenger is an application launched by the social network, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, which allows users to chat with their Facebook contacts. This is the social network messaging service that allows users to chat with their smartphones without using a third-party email application.

Messenger, an extension of the social network Facebook to better bring closer

In line with other messaging applications such as WhatsApp or LINE, Messenger is an application that allows you to reach, connect and converse two users of social networks, in this case Facebook. Launched on August 9, 2011, the application currently has nearly 1.3 billion users. Facebook Messenger works independently of Facebook, although it is possible to use the same Facebook account in Messenger. If you do not have a Facebook account, the application will simply ask you during its installation to check the option "I do not have a Facebook account and press Continue". With Facebook Messenger, users can see their walls, post and comment on their friends' notifications. They can send written messages, audio recordings, photos or create discussion groups to exchange between several members. Real-time video sharing, video messaging and voice calls are not possible via Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is available for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry phones and runs on iOS, Windows (Windows 7 and Vista) and Android. The application is easily used on PC as on smartphone.

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FACEBOOK has already been published Facebook Messenger on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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