FreeStyle LibreLink

FreeStyle LibreLink is an open source digital health application that helps to easily monitor blood glucose levels in people with high blood sugar levels. Patients can download the app for free to an Apple smartphone or other Android mobile phone, to monitor their glucose from a mobile phone without having to prick their finger.

How does LibreLink FreeStyle work?

The app. LibreLink and the FreeStyle Libre Sensor are products developed and marketed by Abbott Laboratories in partnership with the company Airstrip Technologie.

Once downloaded to an Apple smartphone or other Android mobile, the software connects to the FreeStyle Libre sensor applied to the back of the patient's arm. This allows the patient to download blood glucose information from the sensor. The retrospective data can help the user to monitor the evolution of his or her glucose level and thus take informed medication according to the advice given remotely by the patient's doctor.

To install the LibreLink FreeStyle software on a PC and run it under Windows, you would need to download an Android application emulator on your computer. The role of an emulator is to facilitate the execution of Android applications from the comfort of a PC. The FreeStyle LibreLink app is designed to be used with the FreeStyle Libre sensor. You can now view your current glucose level and the history of your past blood glucose levels. Add notes to track your diet, ration your insulin use, and plan your physical activities.

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