Lily’s Garden

The Lily's Garden app is a game that you can download on Android and iOS. However, this puzzle game is also available via browser, which allows you to play it on Mac computer or Windows PC. So, let's find out the features of this game launched in January 2019 by Tactile Games.

A successful mix of genres

Lily's Garden is a game that mixes several genres brilliantly. Indeed, you can put your neurons to the test while landscaping your garden and following an exciting story tinged with romance. In this title, you have to help Lily renovate her great aunt's garden. To do so, you must solve puzzles in which you must line up three identical flowers.

As a reward for completing these puzzles, you can discover new areas of your garden, unlock hundreds of accessories to decorate it and follow an exciting story tinged with romance. It's a game you can spend many hours on, as there are several hundred levels available. In addition, you can also explore different environments and discover many characters, including new family members, but also a mysterious and attractive neighbor.

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