In a city, it is common to see the names of various wifi networks on your phone. But sometimes their detection takes a while or the connection speeds are slow. The WiFiman application will instantly display all the information about nearby access points. The searches are also compatible with Bluetooth. The software is a creation of Ubiquiti.

What are the features of WiFiman?

WiFiman software is designed for mobile devices. It works on smartphones under the Android and iOS operating systems. Unfortunately, there is no version for Windows. You can still think about an emulator if you intend to switch to a laptop. Just download the tool and install it on the computer.

WiFiman allows the user to perform a speed test. After connecting to a wifi network, it can estimate the download speed, which in some cases leads to packet loss. Checks can be performed on local networks. The application provides information about the strength of a signal. It communicates data related to your IP address and those of devices located within its range. Open ports are indicated by a simple scan.

Users can have various devices from the developer Ubiquiti at home. These include Airmax or AirCube. Each of these devices displays detailed information on the smartphone screen via the software. To increase signal strength, the program can relocate your access points. The approach also aims to lower the level of traffic on the same network.

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