Match Masters

Match Masters is a free game to play with friends or against opponents from all over the world. It offers tons of new and exciting ways to play matching games.

Match Masters: application description

In Match Masters, players take turns playing on the same board. It is played so that your choices affect the other players. Each move has the power to change the course of the entire game. A true Match Master takes into account not only the points of each move, but also the opportunities his opponents will create. Match Masters is even more fun when you play with friends.

At the top level, you can play against other players to earn stars and test your skills. You will play against players of your own level. Earn stars to unlock new game features and compete against other players in the weekly league. In each blue game, you collect your optimizer while your opponent collects the red games. Use your powerful optimizer at the given moment to change the course of the game. Shuffle well and make great combinations. Choose one of the 6 available optimizers, each with its own play style and special effects.

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