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Features of the MyNextbase Connect application

MyNextbase Connect a downloadable app available on Android and iOS that turns Nextbase Dash Cam into a smart camera for quick playback of videos from your device. You can download the app and make edits to the videos before you share it with your friends, family or insurer. You can also use MyNextbase Cloud to save your videos online for 30 days through a link. Most often, videos taken with car cameras are used as evidence in case of an accident or collision with another vehicle. In addition, you can connect the device directly with your phone. And that's not all, you can also issue emergency alerts in case of problems with the Emergency SOS function of MyNextbase connect.

MyNextbase Connect was developed by Nextbase UK, a British high-tech company specialising in the manufacture of in-car cameras established in 1999. They have launched several dashboard cameras such as Nextbase212 with magnetic mount or 512 G with an integrated polarizing filter. Experience a smart in-car camera with revolutionary features with Nextbase Dash Cam.

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