Tado° is a leading company in the field of home air conditioning. It has developed a new software that allows its customers to control their energy consumption.

Tado°: application description

Tado° is an advanced climate assistant that always has your heating system under control. The kit consists of a thermostat and a smart thermostatic head managed via an intuitive smartphone application. It is compatible with all boiler models, even the oldest ones. Tado° monitors the temperature, humidity and heating values of each individual room at any time thanks to the geolocation system. Every month there is a detailed report of how much the user has consumed and saved.

The software automatically optimizes the heating of the home by combining external factors (such as weather forecasts) and internal factors (the characteristics of the building). The high-sensitivity sensor detects any change in the house (like an open window) to adjust the heating. You can take advantage of your smartphone's location and, when you're not at home, it automatically lowers the temperature and raises it when you return. The software adjusts on, off and temperature from anywhere in the world through the intuitive tado° app.

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