For each sector, there is now a specialized platform or platforms. Such is the case of Weverse, which promotes global artists, bringing them closer to their fans. It is now an international network present in more than 200 countries with content available in 10 languages.

A brief summary of Weverse's policies and offerings

In its early days, Weverse was mainly known as a platform for Korean artists. Now, this platform developed by BENW CO. LTD, an entertainment company, is for global celebrities. Hosting multimedia contents, exchange between artists and fans are the main objectives of the application. It is the first and one of the official addresses for new music releases.

Thanks to Weverse, fans' messages easily reach their idols, whether it is text, photo or video. The stars involved can show their appreciation and support for the fans' creations. The tool offers a deep interaction between members and their favorite artists. Of course, you'll need to download the app and take out a monthly subscription to keep up with your favorite band's news, like BTS, TXT, etc. Payment is automatic on the due date, but you can unsubscribe one day before the due date.

The service is accessible from your iTunes account and includes all the features of the platform directly. In addition to the music that the application is known for, you can also find themes related to education and entertainment. Note that on PC, you will have to use the web version of Weverse from your browser.

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