Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a storage platform for streaming video. This service is mainly intended for companies that want to share video content between employees.

Why use Microsoft Stream?

The application can be accessed from any Windows PC or mobile device as long as you have the Office package. This video service is primarily designed for businesses, and allows you to upload collaborative materials such as training sessions, must-attend meetings or any other type of presentation. Fully secure, it allows members of your organisation to view online videos from anywhere in the world via a simple internet connection without having to transfer large files. Depending on who you want to share your video recordings with, it is possible to extend or restrict access to a certain group of people in your organization. Thus, you can define exactly who can view or not view the content published on the platform.

The use of Microsoft Stream combines perfectly with the other applications of the Office 365 package. Thus, it becomes easy to share a video with one of your colleagues on Teams, to integrate a video in one of the pages of your SharePoint or to share content on the corporate social network developed by Microsoft, Yammer. You have understood that Microsoft Stream is the must-have application if you are used to working with tools developed by Microsoft and you want to share a video.

You want to download Microsoft Stream on Windows 10 ? Good news !

Microsoft Corporation has already been published Microsoft Stream on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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