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1&1 Control-Center-App

1-1 Control-Center-App is an app designed to make it easy for you to manage your customer space from your smartphone, tablet, wherever you are with the Internet. With this application, you can keep track of all the communications of your interlocutors.

1-1 Control-Center-App, the best app to fix all issues related to your contract and products
A communication and analytics tool, the 1-1 Control-Center-App app allows you to make your website and customer space even more efficient. The app's homepage gives you an overview of your online success and gives you direct access to many features by simply touching the screen. In practical terms, the use of the application revolves around features that allow:
View customer data such as contact information, contacts, invoices and more;
Optimize your website and monitor your visit statistics
Keep track of your data usage, call minutes and costs at all times
Renew your contract, order snapshots of phone numbers and DSL trips;
Have helpful guides and answered questionnaires to help you sort out all questions about your contract and products 1 - 1 Control-Center-App;
Find the answers to your questions through the 1-1 Control-Center-App Support Center;
Have a simple contact tool and personalized help over the phone.

You want 1&1 Control-Center-App on Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, tablet) ? Act !

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