Onshape 3D CAD

Oneshape 3D CAD, developed by PTC Inc, is a mechanical CAD application. It is designed primarily for large teams and professional users.

Your creations from anywhere, anytime.

Oneshape 3D CAD allows you to create and modify your work, while collaborating in real time with your teams from anywhere, as long as you have access to a computer or other mobile device and an Internet connection. The program requires a free registration to use. Because Oneshape 3D CAD's workspace is located in a secure cloud, it is possible for your teams to work from anywhere without the need for a file backup. This feature allows general access to creations without a license key. This will save your employees time and make it easier to concentrate and create.

You will be able to create models in Workshops specific to the application by taking advantage of the panel of tools it offers. It will also allow you to simulate the mechanical movements of your renderings for more visualization of your productions. You will be able to start a project from one device and finish it from another one in all fluidity according to your movements. The dynamic and ergonomic interface makes it even easier to access. Oneshape 3D CAD can be downloaded for Windows PC, Android, iOS and Mac. In addition, the program is compatible with the Apple stylus when used on iOS.

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