The Verisure application developed by Securitas Direct offers those who have a Verisure installation at home the possibility to control the alarm system remotely. Both intuitive and intelligent, Verisure allows full control of the monitoring options available for each model.

Better security for your home with remote monitoring

The Verisure application, which is available in Android and iOS versions, complements the Verisure security devices installed in your home. It allows you to monitor the area around your home and report the slightest change in the peripheral vision of the surveillance cameras. The mobile download also automatically provides a version for smartwatch.

Verisure is also intuitive because it alerts you if you forget to activate the system and automatically switches on the personalized comfort system at the slightest change in the climate. An automatic system schedule allows you to adjust the protection, while setting reminders and notifications as a history. For surveillance cameras, its interface allows a simple manipulation to go around the house with a simple click. You can also download a PC version, available on Windows under the name My Verisure. The options are almost identical and this PC version uses the Verisure FAST system.

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