Marvel Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight is an application edited and developed by Netmarble which is actually an RPG and action game in the MARVEL universe available on Android and iOS.

About the application

To download the application, just find it on Google Play Store or on App Store. PC users can play it by taking an emulator on Windows. More than 200 characters are available to players, all from the MARVEL universe, such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers and many others. Customization is possible according to the gamer's wishes by choosing among the various costumes and equipment that exist, but power augmentation is also possible.

A multiplayer Arena exists, which allows all participants around the world to compete with each other by taking their own team. Teaming up with friends by joining an alliance to fight opponents in PvP combat is one of the options to maximize the fun of the game. In the event of an emergency, taking a friend's character with you can be done on a mission.

Unique superpowers for each character can be unlocked by completing specific missions. A new original storyline that is only available in MARVEL future fight is to be unlocked. Not only with the evil force that is threatening the world, but also with special missions that feature Black Panther, the Inhumans and the New Avengers and Spider-Man's enemies.

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