CAFEYN (LeKiosk)

CAFEYN, formerly called LeKiosk, is an application that concentrates a catalogue of more than 1600 press titles from the French press, but also English and Italian to keep informed. Created in Paris in 2007, CAFEYN is the pioneer and one of the leaders in Europe of the digital press.

CAFEYN to keep you informed via computers, tablets and/or Smartphones

CAFEYN is a digital platform giving access to a very large choice of newspapers and magazines even without an internet connection. It has been a great success in France thanks to the emergence of tablet technology and an innovative business model that allows users to subscribe to a monthly pack of several magazines for just a few €. The application allows you to follow national headlines such as Le Parisien, l'Équipe, Le Journal du Dimanche, regional headlines such as Ouest France, le Point, l'Obs or La voix du Nord or international weeklies such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME, National Geographic, The New Yorker, Wired, Elle, or Fortune. However, the application devotes between 5 percent and 20 percent of its traffic to its French publishers.

In the application, the newspapers are offered in PDF format and in a pleasant way for screen reading. Numerous functions are offered, such as "Smart Reading", which makes articles more readable by marking them with a blue bubble. In addition, the application has developed reading formats that are suitable for every type of device. No need to zoom in, reading becomes a pleasure again. Currently, CAFEYN is available on Apple and Android for a monthly subscription.

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