Marantz Remote App

The Marantz company produces various audio players adapted to all types of home listening: wireless music systems, Hi-fi, home cinema, etc. The D+M Group has developed the Marantz remote app to facilitate the use of each of these devices.

The various functionalities of Marantz remote app

The application is available from a smartphone or tablet, under iOS or Android. However, it is not possible to download it on a Windows PC. Its user can remotely control its various music and audio players, as long as they are Marantz branded.

From a single application, it is convenient to manage the audio outputs of these devices. It allows the user to turn his players on or off as well as to set the desired volume. In addition, the Marantz remote app user can create, modify or delete music playlists. Built-in songs are always sorted alphabetically, but it is also possible to play the playlist of favorites or in random mode.

When the smartphone or tablet is connected to the internet, the user can search for radio stations and play them on his Marantz device. The interface is simple to use and gives an overview of each of the players available from the home screen. In addition, Marantz remote app allows users to rename their connected devices and is configurable in several languages, including English.

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