Zombie Castaways

The world of zombies is big, colorful and full of curious creatures. Explore the beautiful islands and create a passage through the bushes to better discover the secrets of the zombies. Plant fruits, plants and unusual flowers to make Zombium. Erect world-famous buildings and complete tasks to enter the world of the living. These are the objectives of the Zombie Castaways application.

Zombie Castaways: the features of the application

A nice zombie falls in love with a (human) girl and decides to go on a quest for Zombium in order to transform into a human being. Zombie Castaways, a fully offline game, was developed by VIZOR APPS CORP. Currently, it is possible to download the game from the Apple Store for users of devices running iOS, and from the Google Play Store for Android users. However, for Windows PC users, it is feasible to install and run the game through an emulator.

The aim of the game is to support a zombie so that it can obtain Zombium that will make it regain its human form. But to achieve this, you have to plant strange fruits, plants and flowers. In the game, you have to take care of the plantations, buildings and other elements that will be essential to replenish your city of zombies, while completing various missions. The game features animated graphics with original and funny character designs, as well as fluid movements.

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