Developed by Pyronix Ltd. the ProControl+ app offers the best of anti-intrusion systems. Available on Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (App Store), it combines video surveillance and security system control.

ProControl+: the all-in-one application designed to protect

Very easy to download and install on mobile, ProControl+ has a dynamic and intuitive interface. The home screen ensures efficient navigation between the two services available: video surveillance and the control panel. On the video surveillance side, ProControl+ allows the connection to Hikvision IP cameras. From his cell phone, the user can see the images filmed by the devices installed in his house, his parking lot, his company, his store, etc. The viewing interface can be separated into 4, 9, 12 or even 16 screens to watch live several cameras at the same time.

Thus, the recorded surveillance videos are available in one click. On the security system side, ProControl+ serves as a real control panel. From the mobile application, it is possible to arm or disarm alarms, close or open doors, turn off or on lights, answer the delivery man but also consult notifications about any activity. There are many options for settings. In short, ProControl+ is a complete control of your security at your fingertips or keyboard.

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