Reolink is an easy to download and use security camera system monitoring application. Available on Android, iOS and Windows PC, it gives you local or remote access to your IP cameras and NVRs (Numeric Video recorders) on mobile devices.

Reolink, for increased security of your home

This application allows you to monitor and watch in real time the video stream of your property (house, business, etc.) anywhere and at any time. With it, you can go about your business with peace of mind. With excellent image quality, both for live viewing and playback, Reolink is suitable for any size of property.

Accessing IP cameras and NVRs on the same local network is as simple as three steps. The solution is also known for its easy and user-friendly interface, suitable for both novice and expert users. It offers multi-channel viewing (up to 16 channels) on the screen simultaneously. You will also appreciate its remote playback function of video recordings from the camera and NVR storage media.

Reolink also allows you to capture video from live viewing channels on your terminal. You can also capture single and multiple images for storage on your device, as well as receive real-time notifications or emails when motion detection is triggered.

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