Family Island

Family Island is a fun application from Melsoft Games LTD. It is a management game that propels a family to a deserted island. It is available on Android and iOS. However, you can download an emulator to play on pc with various versions of the Windows operating system. To survive, each character will have to collaborate to ensure the success of the proposed adventures.

Family Island features

Family Island requires players to achieve a few objectives. To begin with, they will have to rely on agriculture to provide for the food needs of the Bruce family. In this sense, it is necessary to build a farm. They will also have to find effective ways to reconnect with the other members of the household. The quests may even lead to the establishment of contacts with various tribes. The ultimate goal is to build a new home in this prehistoric environment.

The game exempts players from any form of technology in this archaic world. As such, you must use the ancient farming techniques that were in vogue during the Stone Age. Characters can be taken to explore other archipelagos. You have to grow grains and vegetables in the fields. The crops will then be sold to the characters on the island to increase the money in your wallet. The farm can be customized with the help of various decorations. You can make various objects in the simulator. Each invention can be marketed to the people residing on the island. It can be played offline.

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