Diggy's Adventure

This application developed by Pixel Federation is designed for the whole family. In this game of research and puzzles, you will play the miner "Diggy".

An archaeological exploration full of puzzles.

This adventure will lead you to the discovery of different worlds, some of them mythological, but you will start in the city of your childhood to find the pieces of the map necessary for your journey. In each level, you'll have to make your way through various mazes by digging, clearing the ground and also solving a large number of riddles and puzzles. Digging and moving certain objects consumes energy. To increase your energy storage and production capacity, you can upgrade your base camp with materials collected along the way.

Your objective will be to complete the quests given to you by the different characters you meet, to do this you will have to collect different objects, materials or find certain individuals in the labyrinths. It is possible to get additional rewards through some of their publications on social networks. This game requires an internet connection. You can download it from the official Google, Apple and Huawei stores. The application is not available on Windows, but you can play via your browser from your PC.

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