Make your international money transfers via a reference company. TransferWise or Wise is a British company that handles your money transfers. This low cost solution is reliable and is accredited by the financial authorities. It offers a low exchange rate, close to the market rate and eligible for many currencies.

TransferWise or Wise: reliable and easy to use

Founded by Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann, Wise is a mobile payment company that specializes in international money transfers. To benefit from its services, you need to download the WiseTransfer application from your Android, iOS devices but not yet from your Windows PC. Its operation remains simple. You just need to transfer your funds at home to your Wise bank account. Wise then takes care of moving it to your receiving account abroad. This principle works both ways: to receive and to send money.

The company offers basic packages. You can choose between: the first one is the low cost transfer formula and relies on the bank transfer. The second is the easy formula that allows you to send your funds from your banking app. Receiving money on TransferWise is not complicated. Wise offers you payment in multiple currencies. All you have to do is send your bank account number to the person making the transfer from abroad. They can even transfer the money from their bank account. As soon as the money is credited, it appears on your account.

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