ViCare is an application developed by Vissemann. It allows you to control your heating remotely. To take advantage of this modern tool, discover the different features of ViCare.

The main features of ViCare

On ViCare, you have several parameters to regulate your heating. Among others, you have the possibility to adjust the room temperature spread in your house. You can also change the temperature of the water you want to use. This software allows you to check your daily consumption and to have precise data. Thus, you can know when you have to set the exact time of heat propagation and the optimal use of hot water. Thanks to these functions, you will be able to make important energy savings.

ViCare provides you with three color codes to check the status of your heating. The green color shows that all functions of your heater are working properly. Yellow tells you that your heater is in need of maintenance. Red indicates that your heater has a serious problem that needs to be fixed quickly. To repair your heater, you can contact a heating specialist through ViCare.

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