LernSax is a German educational application, distributed free of charge by DigiOnline GmbH. It is available on the App Store (for iPhones and iPad tablets) as well as on the Google Play Store (for smartphones and tablets running Android). LernSax is an app for mobile phones and tablets, so it cannot be downloaded to Windows PCs.

Educational transmission in Saxony

LernSax is a learning, communication and organization platform for users in Saxony. It is a kind of educational base, connecting school teachers and pupils. It facilitates the organization of the class, the provision of notes or documents, the communication of important information, etc. It allows students to receive all the necessary resources for both school and homework. Indeed, there are elements of e-learning, with for example the possibility to practice interactive exercises or practice tests.

LernSax provides notifications so that important information is not missed. Users can communicate via a messaging system and access forums, reinforcing communication between teachers and students (parents can also request access).

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