World Chef

Developed by the studio Social Point, World Chef is a management game available on mobile. It allows the player to create, customize and manage his own restaurant while taking into account the various aspects of the chef's job.

An international cooking game

The World Chef application offers an array of recipes from 20 different nations. The player has the opportunity to cook a variety of dishes. It is essential for the player to be original both in the preparation of his dishes and in the decoration of his restaurant. This will ensure the prosperity of his restaurant, but also allow him to obtain success. In addition, World Chef is a mobile game in which the player must take charge of the management of his restaurant. He will have to take care of the various aspects of the restaurant such as buying ingredients, recruiting staff or even decorating. It is essential to make customers satisfied. Finally, World Chef gives players the opportunity to share their recipes. Please note: it is not possible to use World Chef on a Windows PC unless you download an emulator.

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