Scribd is a subscription service for e-books and eAudiobooks that has been active since March 2007. Scribd's eBook subscription service is available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as on Kindle Fire, Nook and personal computers.

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Scribd is an online reading application that has a library of over 500,000 e-books. Often referred to as "the Netflix for books", the platform has 80 million users at the latest news. Scribd allows users to stay informed, discover new passions and feed their curiosity. No matter what you are looking for, Scribd is a reading application that offers a book that matches your current mood.

The Scribd application works on a variety of Internet-connected mobile devices and e-book readers. For example, Scribd :

  • If you have an Android device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, Scribd is available for Android 5.0 or higher;
  • If you use an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or higher, you will be able to enjoy an optimized reading experience at the height of your screen.

If your iOS device is paired with an Apple Watch, all you need to do is start reading an audiobook from the Scribd application on the device and you can control the playback using "Now Playing" on your Apple Watch.

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