Pandora Music

Pandora is a mobile application that allows users to customize the radio stations of the type of music, artist or composer. Under a very intuitive interface, the plus application allows the user to control up to 100 radio stations with a wide variety of content and excellent features.

Pandora: an impressive list of features

Pandora is an application that allows you to categorize music analytically to customize the songs on your radio stations. The application works by rating the songs played on a radio; they can be categorized as positive or negative. Then, based on information from the application, Pandora dynamically adjusts the current program creating a custom radio station that adapts to your tastes as you listen. If you give one or two votes to an artist, the song will no longer play on that channel. Pandora draws on a huge library of music and allows you to play not only the title of an artist, but also several songs related to the genre.

To use the application, you need to create an account, a quick and free process on the Pandora website. All you need is an email address. Once your account is created, you will be asked to type the name of an artist. The program will then create a channel that broadcasts songs by that artist and other artists in the same musical genre. However, if you like an artist, but are not really a fan of other artists in the same musical genre, you will be asked to provide negative feedback to many of the songs on the channel so that they do not make a lasting impression. Finally, it is possible to listen to two or more channels together.

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