ANT Radio Service

ANT is an extremely efficient wireless communication protocol. It served as the basis for the creation of the Ant Radio Service application which is used to drive the ANT hardware of your peripherals. The ANT Radio Service application allows you to connect and use ANT or ANT + peripherals.

Why use ANT Radio Service?

ANT + is a wireless communication technology which, as mentioned above. This technology is used for remote control activities between devices. It is intended for physical activity readers and other vital signs monitoring devices, although it is not the only application. With the ANT Radio Service application, you will therefore be able to remotely control and have all the information via other GPS applications, pedometer, pulse sensors, heart rate sensors, fitness equipment, products for cyclists, weight scales, etc..

The principle is similar to the Bluetooth or WiFi Direct connection, meaning that you can transmit information between two computers without having to use cables. However, ANT + allows you to connect more than two devices. For example, a phone and a smart watch could collect information simultaneously from a heart rate monitor. Another advantage is that, unlike Bluetooth, this system will not consume power unless you are using an application that requires the ANT + system.

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